Domain Name - Your Internet Identity

Domain name is your website's identity. A good domain name often includes the main keywords of your site content. For example, let's say you decide to start selling used space craft online and you register a domain name for that purpose. I'm not saying that's a good domain name but at least it tells your visitors exactly what to expect from your site. Domain name should be easy to remember and not too long. Usually shorter and pronouncable domain names are easier to remember.

Registering a Domain Name

Registering a domain name is very easy. Just visit a domain name registrant and use their domain name search tool to see if the name you are interested in is available or not. The search tool usually gives you suggestions for optional names that are available to register.

Price of a domain name

Registering your own domain name is not expensive at all. You can register a .com domain name for less than $10 USD per year. Depending on what top level domain extension you want to register, the cost is usually in the range of $5 to $20 per year.

Buying Domain Names

Instead of registering a new domain name for you, buying one can be a good option. Buying an existing domain name has some benefits. First, there are lots of excellent domain names to choose from at all price levels. Depending on the age of the domain name and the history of it, the domain name can already be listed on search engines and web directories. When the search engines rank web sites, age of the site is one factor. So buying a domain name that was first registered some years ago may give your new site more credibility in the eyes of search engine spiders. Buying a domain name will cost you more than registering a new one but you have to weight all the facts and decide whether to register a new one or buy an existing one.

Selling and Parking Domain Names

Registering lots of domain names for sale can be a good business. You can also earn money from your registered domain names even if you don't build any websites. You can park the domain names with one of the parking services. Each time someone clicks on advertising that generates revenue on your parked domains, you earn your share of the revenue. How much you earn depends on how many visitors your domain gets and often the visitors click the ads. Don't expect a huge revenue from one domain name but it can be enough to cover the annual registration fee. If you have a large portofolio of parked domain names you can expect to earn a lot of money.