Green Web Hosting - Attract Environmentally Aware Customers

Hosting your website with one of the green web hosting companies can be a good choice for your business in many ways. With the ever increasing concern for global warming, green web hosting is a natural choice for anyone concerned about the future of our planet. But choosing green hosting can also bring other unexpected benefits.

What Is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting means that the web host has invested in renewable energy, such as wind power or solar power. This usually means that the web host has purchased green energy credits representing the amount of energy their servers and cooling systems consume. Some web hosts have taken a step further. For example, HostGator has bought renewable energy credits representing 130% of the electricity they are consuming for running their servers and cooling systems. Web servers and especially cooling systems consume huge amounts of electricity. No matter what energy source is used, the electricity must be produced one way or another. If the energy is produced by renewable energy sources, it helps reduce the carbon emissions. Fossil fuel sources, such as oil, gas or coal are still the primary energy sources. They are also responsible for most of the emissions of carbon dioxide, the most prominent greenhouse gas in Earth's atmospehere.

Using Green Web Hosting to Your Advantage

Can green web hosting bring you more customers? Absolutely - more and more people are environmentally aware and only want to buy products or services that have been "labeled green". If your web site is hosted with a green web hosting company, you can advertise your site as environmentally friendly, making it more attractive to eco-aware customers.

Price of Green Web Hosting

Green hosting doesn't have to cost you any more than "non-green" hosting. The companies offering green web hosting have not increased the price of web hosting after switching to green energy. This is of course good news for us site owners, because we can now enjoy the benefits of green hosting without having to pay anything extra.