Unlimited Web Hosting - Is it Really Unlimited?

The recent marketing trend in the web hosting industry is to advertise unlimited hosting. Web hosting features, such as disk space, monthly bandwidth or number of domains on one account, is often advertised as unlimited. In reality, there is always a limit to everything. Instead of unlimited hosting you should think of it as unmetered hosting.

How Did It All start?

Over the years, web hosts have increased their disk space and bandwidth limits all the time in order to compete with other web hosts. At some point the limits became so large that the next step was to go for unlimited. Once the first web hosting company started advertising unlimited hosting, the rest had to follow. If they didn't they would have lost many customers. Advertising unlimited web hosting doesn't make a web host good or bad. The hosts that were good before starting to advertise unlimited hosting, are still good.

How Unlimited Is Unlimited Really?

The actual limits vary from one web host to another. You should read carefully the terms of service (TOS) before choosing any web host. In any case, you should always read the TOS to find out if your site meets all the terms, making sure your site content is allowed. Using a shared web hosting account as a backup or storage is usually not accepted. And it's very understandable - the disk space you get with your hosting plan is meant for your web site, not for backing up all your files, photos, videos and MP3s. So unlimited disk space doesn't mean that you get an external hard disk with unlimited size.

Unlimited or Limited - What to Choose?

Should you then avoid all web hosting companies who offer unlimited web hosting? Absolutely not! Some of the unlimited web hosting companies are actually very good and reliable. Unlimited hosting package can be a perfect way to start. You can start with one site and later add more sites at no extra cost. As long as your sites are not massive and don't collect huge amounts of traffic, unlimited shared hosting can be a very good choice. But before choosing a web any host do your homework and read web hosting reviews. Typically, when your website becomes very popular and the traffic to your site increases a lot, it is anyway time to change from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting.